Board Meeting Management Software

Manage all your meetings at one place

Meetings360™ is a specially designed board meeting management software for Company Secretary, their team and board members. It helps to efficiently manage various types of meetings like Board meetings, Committee meetings etc. It provides a centralized place to schedule, plan and track all of your meeting related activities including agenda creation, review and approval, distribution, attendance and minutes.

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Key Features of Meetings360™

Our board meeting management software is packed with features that helps you manage board meetings and committee meetings easily.

Manage Meetings in 3 Easy Steps



  • Automate Scheduling Process
  • Build Agenda
  • Review & Approve Agenda Items
  • Distribute Agenda on a Click of a Button

During the Meeting

  • Roll Call
  • Write Minutes
  • Access Agenda From Any Device
  • Real-time Voting

Post Meeting

  • Prepare Minutes
  • Review & Approve Minutes
  • Distribute Minutes on a Click of a Button
  • Generate Attendance Report
  • Easily Search Past Meetings